6 Easy Tips to Get Your Bird to Try New Foods

Let's face it, getting your bird to try new foods can be a struggle. You want them to eat healthy, but often times they will only be interested in seeds and other junk food. Your bird needs all of the nutrients that come from pellets, fruits, and vegetables too! Even though birds can be picky, we've found that most birds can learn to like a food they are hesitant to try at first. Here are 6 easy steps to get your bird to try new foods:

Try the food yourself

 Davies Designs Studio, Unsplash

Birds are mimicking animals. If you do something that looks fun, they will want to join in. Try eating a healthy food in front of your pet and act like is delicious and fun! They'll be more likely to try the food if they see you enjoying it. 

Offer the food in a new way

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Sometimes just changing the way a food is prepared can be enough to peak your bird's interest. Try steaming, grating, slicing, or any other method you use in your everyday cooking! Birds can be picky about the size, shape, and color of objects, so changing it up can help.

Mix foods together

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If your birdie has some favorite foods, you can combine the new food with their favorites! Try mixing together dry foods or cooking fruits and vegetables together into a yummy mash. They wont be able to resist.

Hide the food in a toy

Foraging Toy, found in our April Squawk Box

Toys are great aids in getting your bird to eat something new. When the food is presented as reward, your bird will be more likely to try it. Foraging toys specifically encourage this kind of behavior. Hide a piece of the new food inside the toy and let them search for it. 

Make foods part of their habitat

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Give your bird a home makeover! Try incorporating leafy greens like kale, parsley, or collard greens into your bird's habitat. This will make them more comfortable with the scary foods, along with giving them more time to try the new items.

Praise the little things

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Encouragement is key! Even if your bird is not eating new foods, you can give them positive feedback. Praise your bird for small things such as touching the food or even getting close to it. By giving small praises, your bird will become more comfortable with unfamiliar objects.


Try these tips and your bird will soon be eating healthier! If you need more help with caring for your bird, be sure to check out Squawk Box. The monthly subscription box includes a wide variety of toys and whole food treats that will keep you bird happy, healthy, and entertained.


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