Squawk Box Donates: Birds and Beaks: Battle Creek MI


Each month Squawk Box donates to various Bird Rescues around the country. In January 2022 we traveled to Battle Creek, Michigan to help Birds and Beaks Rescue with a major influx of surrendered parakeets. Birds and Beaks is a great non-profit rescue founded by Shannon Kramer. They work super hard at providing the best care for any and all types of rescued parrots.

In December 2021, a man dropped off 836 birds to metro Detroit animal control. His father attempted to breed a small amount of parakeets and the experiment spiraled of control. The birds were crammed into a small number of cages and many suffered serious illness/death as a result.

Birds and Beaks was one of many rescue groups that stepped up to house the struggling budgies taking in 291. Each bird was given a thorough medical examination by a licensed avian vet, and housed in a healthy environment.

We at Squawk Box wanted to help especially as this happened in our home state of Michigan. So we traveled to Battle Creek and dropped off a big box filled with a variety of small bird toys. It was so great to meet Shannon and the rest of the team and to see all of the parakeets in a great home.

If you are interested in supporting Birds and Beaks, please consider adopting, volunteering or donating. You can contact them here.

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