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Jumbo Birdie (Month To Month)
Jumbo Birdie (Month To Month)


Clementine loves his squawk box! With Macaws its hard to find big safe toys that wont get destroyed in 1 day. His toys were HUGE and im not sure who was more excited clem or I. Cant wait until we get the next box.

Perry Q. ✅ Verified Purchase

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.7/5 / Over 100000 Boxes Shipped

Gift The Jumbo Birdie Box & Elevate A Bird's Happiness

Specially crafted toys for a safe and stimulating playtime experience

All-natural treats and recipes for birds that deserve all the good pecks

Expert bird care advice and heartwarming rescue stories

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Clementine loves his squawk box! With Macaws its hard to find big safe toys that wont get destroyed in 1 day. His toys were HUGE and im not sure who was more excited clem or I. Cant wait until we get the next box.

Perry Q. ✅ Verified Purchase

Peek Inside Your Jumbo Birdie Squawk Box

See what's fluttering into your home each month


2-3 Extra Large Toys

Tailor-made to keep your bird engaged, entertained, & exercising.


DIY Bird Snack Recipes

Get creative in the kitchen with simple, bird-safe recipes.

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Bird Rescue Awareness

Each box aids bird rescues, helping feathered friends in need flourish.


1 Healthy Treat

The perfect peck-me-up for your bird, made with natural ingredients.


Feathered Fun Facts

Making you and your bird the smartest pair on the perch.


Free Shipping

Right to your door, exclusively for continental USA nesters.

Discover The Theme Of The Month

Fresh surprises to keep birds dancing and owners guessing

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Chirps And Cheers From Our Feathered Fans

With over 100,000 boxes shipped, hear what the birdie buzz is all about


"This is a seriously amazing subscription. Our cockatoo always gets so excited when she sees her new SquawkBox and loves diving right into all the new toys and snacks. She couldn't be happier with this subscription. If you have a bird in your life who you love, I can't recommend it highly enough! You just have to sign up and see for yourself."

Perry Q. ✅ Verified Purchase

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“Charley got his first Squawk Box in February just in time for VDay!! The the price compared to individual toys cannot be beat with a little bird who goes through toys like crazy!”

Madelyne G. ✅ Verified Purchase


He absolutely loved it. His favorite toy was the basket toy as when i first got him, his first toy was a toy that looked exactly like that. Does anybody know what type of wood was use in the basket toy, because he Chewed up in a minute and loved it. He also loved the Crinkle paper in the box and was playing in it.”

Elizabeth B. ✅ Verified Purchase


“My new lovebird (she’s 13 years old and we got her from a rescue) loves to play and she just loves the variety of toys. She loves her treats too so can’t wait to see what other treats come in the boxes or recipes to make her some treats!”

Kerri B. ✅ Verified Purchase


“First Squawk Box was a major success! I subscribe to other bird toy box services, but the variety in Squawk Box toys is unparalleled.My cockatiel won't leave it, day or night. I am looking forward to filling their cage with more Squawk Box picks."

Bella S. ✅ Verified Purchase


Our birds absolutely went crazy for everything in it down to the tags on the toys! It is hard to keep a kakariki's attention so the fact that all three of them continuously went back to that box to find things to get into was a miracle in itself!"

Douglas H. ✅ Verified Purchase


“We currently have 4 birds in our house so we go through A LOT of bird toys. We love getting our Squawk Box shipments because of the variety of toys and treats. I don't think we have gotten a duplicate yet! Personally, I enjoy making all of the monthly recipes as much as our birds enjoy chowing down on them. "

Megan R. ✅ Verified Purchase


Our Happy Birds Only Guarantee

We're so committed to your bird's happiness, we promise only smiles, chirps, and joyful flutters with every Squawk Box. If your bird buddy isn't totally thrilled, contact us and we'll make it right.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.7/5 / Over 100000 Boxes Shipped GET SQUAWK BOX NOW 

Learn More About Squawk Box

Your go-to guide to subscription details and more

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.7/5 / Over 100000 Boxes Shipped 

Ready To Make Your Bird The Happiest In The Flock?

Every Squawk Box is a treasure chest of curated toys and treats that'll have your bird dancing with joy. And with free shipping, it's like finding an extra snack in your bird's breakfast. The monthly themes add a sprinkle of surprise that keeps both you and your winged friend eagerly awaiting the next box. Don’t wait - elevate your bird’s happiness today!



"I've been looking for something special to share with my birds. There were so many cute toys and treats in the box... it's like bird Christmas every month!"

Anna H.   ✅ Verified Purchase