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What's In The Big Birdie Box?

The Big Birdie Subscription box is great for big birds such as Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Congo African Greys, and similar sized birds.

Each Big Birdie box comes with:

  • 3 Fun and Engaging Toys specifically curated to promote your birds natural instincts such as foraging, preening, and puzzle solving.
  • 1 Healthy, Whole Food treat your bird will love!
  • Themed postcard including DIY bird treat recipes, bird fun facts, as well as the parrot rescue we donate to each month.
  • The box! Your bird will love their box filled with crinkle paper. 

 Note: This is an automatically renewing subscription.

Kyle H.

My first bird subscription box and I'm impressed! My Green Cheek Conure loves (or hates, hard to tell sometimes) the ball with a bell in it that came with it and seemed to enjoy the other toys that came. 

Lori H. 

I love these boxes. I have an Indian Ringneck & so I was going to the pet store all of the time looking for new things for him to destroy lol ... the variety at the stores is so limited & with these boxes we get such a wide variety! 

Megan B.

My little Green Cheek Conure loved her first Squawk Box! The quality and quantity of the items were excellent! Before I received the box, I was worried she wouldn't like any of the items since she has never been a huge fan of toys - but she LOVED EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the box!! 

Jonathan I.

I just got the squawk box and I'm thoroughly impressed by the contents! it contained all thats promised and more! defiantly gonna be a long time subscriber!