10 best gifts for birds and bird lovers this 2022 holiday season

Toys, treats, training aids. Finding the right gifts for the birds in your life can be difficult with so many amazing options in the marketplace. Here at Squawk Box, we come across many awesome bird products and we thought, "Hey why not share our favorites with the rest of our bird loving friends?". 

Whether you're shopping for your family, friends, or your own feathered buddy, these gift ideas are sure to impress all bird lovers (and birds). So sit back, relax and let's fly through the 10 best holiday gifts for your birds in 2022.  

Java Wood Table Top Play Stand

Java Wood Table Top Play Stand, $130.00+, A&E Cage Co.

We love the awesome Java wood playstands/trees from A&E. Constructed from all natural Java wood (think coffee trees!), these playstands provide a fun and safe environment for your bird to enjoy. They will love the ample space to explore and spread their wings. At Squawk Box HQ, our birds Walter (Green Cheek Conure) and Bertrim (Pionus) love playing on their medium java tree.

Perch with Treat Bowl

Perch w/ Bowl, $17.95, froggystoyshop on Esty

Has your bird been naughty or nice? It doesn't matter, reward your birdie with this perch and integrated treat bowl. 

Automated Clean Water Bath

Pet Water Fountain, $43.95, YOUTHINK

Clean water is a must have for your birds. Make sure it's always up to snuff with an automatic water fountain/filter. They will love taking baths as well!

Shower Perch


Shower Perch, $27.77+, Happy Beaks

Take your birds to a steamy tropical paradise everyday, your shower! A mini vacation for your friend during the cold winter.

Bird Subscription Box

Little Birdie Squawk Box, $26.50+, Squawk Box

A curated collection of goodies for your bird. They will go crazy each time they get a new Squawk Box. Choose between 1, 3, and 6 month subscription plans. 

Ring Training Toy

Puzzle Toy, $9.39, HONBAY

Teach your birds to identify colors. This fun ring puzzle helps to improve color identification.

Bird Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack, $59.93, A&E Cage Co

Take your birds wherever you go! These cute backpacks make the perfect hiking accessory.

Training Stick with Clicker


Target Stick, $14.06, Trixie

Give the gift of a well behaved bird. The target sticks from Trixie are an excellent tool to help with training.



Bird Harness, $29.50, Avianweb

Another way to get your bird outside safely. This harness comes in multiple sizes and colors to match your bird's style and personality.

Bird Sticker

Bird Sticker, $3.99, Squawk Box

Show off your bird pride with this wonderful decal. Put it on your computer, refrigerator, suitcase, or anywhere.

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