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Squawk Bucks Rewards

Join the Squawk Bucks Rewards program and start earning points towards exclusive rewards every time you buy.

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How it Works



Create an account and automatically get 100 Squawk Bucks.



Earn Squawk Bucks every time you make a new purchase or renew your subscription.



Redeem Squawk Bucks for real money. Use on your next renewal or a new purchase.

Ways to Earn

100 Squawk Bucks

Create an account

3 Squawk Bucks Per $1

Earn for purchases and subscription renewals

200 Squawk Bucks

Celebrate a birthday!

50 Squawk Bucks

Follow on Instagram

50 Squawk Bucks

Like on Facebook

200 Squawk Bucks

Share on Facebook

Start Earning

How to Redeem

Earn enough Squawk Bucks and you can redeem them for coupons. Coupons can be used on your next subscription renewal or any new purchase!

$5 Off

500 Squawk Bucks

$10 Off

1000 Squawk Bucks

$15 Off

1500 Squawk Bucks

Redeem Your Points

Give $10, Get $10

Refer Your Friends

Give your fellow bird lovers $10 off their first Squawk Box and earn $10 yourself for every successful referral. There's no limit to how much you can earn, so spread the word!

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