How to Keep Your Bird Warm this Winter

Cold weather is quickly approaching and it's important to know how you can keep your feathered friend warm this winter! Here are some tips for making sure your birdie stays roasty toasty all winter long:

Stay away from drafty doors and windows


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If your bird's cage is located near drafty doors or windows, they will likely be exposed to chilly air that can quickly make them cold. Find a spot in your home for your bird to live that is away from any exterior openings. You can also remedy drafts by adding temporary insulation during the winter months. More on that below.

Cover their cage at night


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Use a cover or a simple blanket to place over their cage when the sun goes down. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature at night when it's typically colder. A blanket or cage cover can also help establish a consistent sleeping routine for your bird.

Add temporary insulation in your home


Seal off windows and unused doorways with simple shrink-wrap or purpose built window insulation. You can find these at most hardware stores. This will make a big difference in both keeping cold air out as well as warm air in.

Feed them a bit extra at night

Laura Limsenkhe, Unsplash

A bird's metabolism can help keep them warm, so be sure to feed them consistent meals. If you give your pet a little extra food, they will feel fuller, and their bodies will keep them warm while digesting. Just be sure to feed them healthy foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Give them lots of toys!

Physical activity can help anyone feel warmer, and it's the same with your bird. Give them some extra toys to keep them moving and active. This will increase their metabolism and body temperature. You can find lots of exciting toys to keep your bird active in each months Squawk Box or in our Shop!


Keeping your bird warm can seem like a daunting task, however with some simple remedies you can make both of your lives more comfortable.

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