Squawk Box Jumbo Birdie Toys and Treats Box
Squawk Box Jumbo Birdie Toys and Treats Box

Squawk Box Jumbo Birdie Toys and Treats Box


The Jumbo Birdie box is great for very large birds such as Large Amazons, Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, and other similar-sized birds.

Each Jumbo Birdie Box Includes:

  • 2 Fun and Engaging Toys specifically curated to promote your bird's natural instincts such as foraging, preening, and puzzle solving.
  • 1 Healthy, Whole Food treat your bird will love
  • Themed postcard includes DIY bird treat recipes, bird fun facts, and the parrot rescue we donate to each month.
  • The box! Your bird will love their box filled with crinkle paper. 
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What's In The Middle Birdie Box?

Great for medium sized birds such as Quakers, Conures, Senegals, Pionus', Timneh Greys, and Caiques.

Each Middle Birdie Box Includes:

4 Toys

Quality toys that keep your bird entertained.

1 Treat

A healthy, whole food treat your bird will love. 

DIY Bird Snack Recipe

Cook your bird something special, featuring the included treat.

Bird Fun Facts

Learn cool new things about interesting birds!

Bird Rescue Awareness

See where we donate each month.

Free Shipping

To continental USA!


Monthly Themes

Keep your bird entertained with our monthly themes. Check out some previous boxes below!